The Body Naturally

The Body Naturally
A concise pocket guide to
natural bodybuilding training


I have always been interested in weight training.
I first started serious lifting during my high school years. From my late teens to mid-twenties I was completely dedicated to bodybuilding. I was a member of the National Amateur Bodybuilders Association. (NABBA)
I managed to develop what by most people's standards was considered a good physique. When my wife first met me she couldn't get her arms around my chest.
However by the time I reached twenty-five I accepted that if I wasn't going to take drugs, I was never going to win anything.
While I was totally absorbed in the sport, I also knew I wanted to live a long healthy life and do other things. So not being prepared to take any form of performance enhancing drugs, I decided to 'retire'.
I continued to train as I loved doing so. But without the impetus of competing I started to loose size over the coming years.
However since then I have maintained a keen interest in the sport and followed the competitions and the competitors.
In my late forties I got into powerlifting and competed in the Northern Ireland Powerlifting Federation (NIPF). This is a drug free federation who test their lifters.
So for over forty years I have observed and competed in different forms of weight training.
During these forty plus years I have become very much aware that in bodybuilding in particular there is just so much BS written about the whole thing.
Looking back now to when I was a young man I so wish I had known this then. But like everyone in that environment I read all the popular bodybuilding mags and studied the routines of the champions.
Now this would have been all well and good if like them I had been taking good old vitamin 'S' (steroids) as it is known in the sport. But I wasn't and so I spent many years doing it wrong. Well that is wrong for me, a natural.
Of course I made progress, but if I had been doing it right, I would have made much more.
So I have decided to write this small booklet. It will be small because actually the basic principles of 'natural' bodybuilding training are very simple and straight-forward.
I am not making money from this. The price you have paid is just to cover Amazon's production costs. I have used every design and formatting option to keep costs to a minimum.
Now if after reading it you think it is actually me who is full of BS, just throw it in the nearest bin. Sorry but I can't refund you Amazon's production costs. LOL
Frankly I think a lot of you will do just that. You see when I was young I would not have listened either, I was so indoctrinated in all the BS that is out there.
But if even just one of you listens and applies what I have written here, then it will have been worthwhile. Maybe you can save on all those years of wasted time and energy which I am guilty of.